In-Clinic Diagnostics

Providing diagnostic services for pets in Gadsden, Southside, and Attalla, Alabama, Isbell Animal Clinic’s in-house laboratory enables our experienced veterinarians to perform diagnostic testing that helps us get a complete picture of your pet’s health. Blood tests and other laboratory tests identify conditions that may not be detectable during a regular examination.

Veterinary blood work testing and values are similar to those found in human medicine. Routine tests that we perform on a daily basis include complete blood count (CBC), blood chemistry panels, thyroid testing, heartworm testing, as well as fecal and urinalysis tests. Results from these tests give our doctors crucial information that they need to monitor organ function and hydration levels, detect parasites, track the effectiveness of drug therapies, and discover infections and complicated diseases. It is also imperative that blood work is completed before each surgical procedure so that our veterinarians will be alerted to any conditions that may cause complications.

The on-site diagnostic laboratory at Isbell Animal Clinic allows our knowledgeable veterinarians to diagnose your pet’s condition quickly and efficiently so we can start the required treatment that will get your pet feeling better as soon as possible. When necessary, we also send out blood work to qualified laboratories for a more comprehensive analysis.